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Let’s talk about feelings

This time I am blaming Oprah.

I was surprised at how quickly I began talking about myself and my frustration at my duties as default housewife. As previously stated, this was designed to be a professional blog where I could gather together samples of my writing. It did not feel odd or uncomfortable to be writing personal thoughts on this blank space and to release those emotions into the public domain.


Society has entered this new culture of sharing. In my completely biased opinion, some of the blame must be put onto Oprah for this. She has had many shows where ordinary guests come onto her set and spill all of their personal details and trials to the world. The guest will cry, Oprah sometimes cries, and we are all supposed to have an ‘Aha moment’. (Side note: she has tried to trademark this phrase, can I be sued?).

Then reality TV exploded and now even more people are talking publicly about their personal crises. After reading Doctorow’s Homer and Langley, (see below for my review) I became interested in finding out more about the types of people who fill their homes with objects and trash. So I watched the television show Hoarders. The people featured on the show and their family members were talking about very personal issues, and as I watched, I began to feel like an intruder. And there are many shows like this. I have not seenĀ Intervention, but it seems obvious that some very emotional subjects are raised and I wonder why these people choose to invite an audience in to watch the process.

But back to the internet. I do understand the appeal. Blogs can become diaries and they can be an anonymous way to vent emotions and potentially get feedback. Or, you can splash your name across your posts in the hopes of becoming an instant celebrity. The ability to share your thoughts and feelings with strangers can be somewhat liberating. But you are only sharing as long as somebody is reading your posts. These days, a large segment of the population have some sort of blog or online journal. Everyone is sharing. But if everyone is writing, is anyone reading?


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